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COVID-19 Updates

Pandemic Response Plan

Broadview Village has a rigorous pandemic response plan to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19 based on the provincial guidance documents.

There is an Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Lead for the organization and an IPAC RN.

We have partnered with local hospitals and community health centres to foster clinical relationships, facilitate on-site testing, and dialogue regularly with others in the intersection of health and developmental sectors.

All of Broadview Village infection prevention and control practices are based on Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, and Public Health Agency of Canada.

Some of our IPAC measures include the following:

We appreciate your support for our decisions and the active plans we have in place to protect the health of the people we support and our staff.

Our Day Program Supports and Services

Our Day Program Supports and Services involving BVEP, TEP and PLUS programs continue to be CLOSED. We are re-evaluating and working on an ongoing basis with our government and public health partners to determine when the time will be right to safely re-open each program and under what guidelines.

Broadview Village Administrative offices and Residential Supports

Broadview Village Administrative offices and Residential Supports are closed to all non-essential visitors.  Essential visitors are defined as people who are necessary for the smooth operation of the location in question.  Examples include Broadview Village staff, agency staff, approved repair people, emergency personnel, professionals required to support the health, safety and security of the residents and anyone else approved by the Executive Director or designate.  All essential visitors must abide by all Broadview Village protocols in relation to our pandemic response including active screening and appropriate wearing of PPEs.

Scheduled Family Visits in our Residential settings

As a result of Ontario entering another lockdown, with a lockdown order starting Saturday April 3, we are temporarily suspending family visits.

Update Notice for Families, Friends, Staff and Advocates for the people we support

Latest Update

April 30, 2021

Dear Broadview Village Families, Friends, Staff and Advocates for the people we support,

As we continue to work through this “third wave” of the pandemic I find myself of two minds – one of concern, one of optimism. My concern stems from the “new variants” and their impact, the seemingly increasing opposition to the public health directives and the “maxed-out” nature of the ICU beds in our hospitals and the associated “triage” protocol they are going to enact.

My optimism comes from my faith in our staff to do the right thing, the support we receive from all of you, the anticipated impact of the vaccination efforts, my belief in God and the opportunities that we have to engage new technologies and processes to keep our residents/participants safe. So far, the optimism continues to win despite the concerns above.

As you all know, our day programs remain closed in the traditional sense, but our staff continue to try to interact in new ways with our participants virtually (phone, Zoom, etc.) and through wellness visits. This mode of interaction will remain the norm for a number of months to come as this wave plays out, but you have my assurances that we will expand the menu for services as soon as possible. My hope is that the vaccination process will allow us to shift sooner rather than later.

Similarly, with our residents, visits remain on hold, but there are conversations taking place with our funders and public health regarding the impact of the vaccinations on these protocols. Again, I am hopeful that we will see a shift because of these developments – but there is nothing as of yet.

Vaccines – It is with great relief that we can announce that the mobile vaccination clinics that were organized to happen at 3 of our locations were a success. It took many hands working together to organize and execute this enormous undertaking, which, in my observation, ran quite smoothly. It is due to the dedication of all the teams and families involved that these residents and participants, individuals of this vulnerable population not able to access the standard vaccine clinics, received their vaccinations.

As of April 15, 2021:

• residents who have received the vaccine = 69
• residents who have native immunity = 2
• resident refusals = 2
• participants and family members through mobile efforts on April 15 = 42

Thank you to all involved from North York Ontario Health Team, Scarborough Health Network, East Toronto Health Partners, Michael Garron Hospital, South Riverdale Community Health Centre and the staff of Broadview Village.

COVID-19 Status Update – As of today our number of resident cases has increased to 10 with 7 resolved cases and 1 death. The new cases are in relation to an outbreak at our Oriole Parkway location. Please keep them in your prayers.

Regarding staff, to date we have 20 staff who have tested positive, 18 of which have been resolved and 2 are in isolation. As a result of these new staff-positive cases we have 2 other houses that are technically in outbreak though no residents are affected at this point. These two houses are our Meldazy and Hancock locations. These technical outbreaks are deemed to be “low risk” by both ourselves and Toronto Public Health in relation to the residents and other staff at these locations as the staff have been very diligent about wearing PPE’s, using proper sanitization measures and because we have minimized contact with the outside world.

When an outbreak is declared (an outbreak is, by public health definition, 1 or more positive cases of COVID-19 amongst staff or residents) we take the following steps:

1. implement enhanced cleaning
2. post signage on the door declaring the outbreak and cautioning people to not enter unless cleared by the house manager and then only if the issue is an essential one
3. cohort staff and residents to different parts of the house as best we can
4. perform contact tracing to identify who else might be infected
5. test all residents and all staff for COVID-19
6. implement revised practices re: meals, social time, etc. as best we can
7. implement enhanced screening (increase to 3x’s per day taking temperatures, etc.)
8. test everyone again around day 10 as per public health directions

Rapid Testing – We are currently working with the Provincial Government to implement a “rapid testing” program at Broadview Village. This would allow us to test staff coming on shift with the new “antigen” screening tool. We would receive results (positive or negative) within 15 minutes and, if positive, immediately refer staff for the full testing at a clinic – thereby preventing an asymptomatic, COVID-19 positive person from entering the location. Stay tuned!!

Family Zoom Webinar – Save the date for Tuesday May 11th from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. when we will be holding our fourth Family Zoom Webinar. My intention is to provide you with further updates and an opportunity for dialogue. If there are specific topics you would like covered please send an email to Karen Kyle Martin at outlining what subject you want covered and we will be happy to do so. A link to the Family Zoom Webinar will follow in a separate email closer to the date.

As always, if you have concerns or questions you are welcome to contact me directly at 647 457-3242 or via email at

Many thanks, stay safe and God Bless!

Art Mathews, Executive Director