Broadview Village – The Salvation Army

COVID-19 Updates

Pandemic Response Plan

Broadview Village has a rigorous pandemic response plan to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19 based on the provincial guidance documents.

There is an Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Lead for the organization and an IPAC RN.

We have partnered with local hospitals and community health centres to foster clinical relationships, facilitate on-site testing, and dialogue regularly with others in the intersection of health and developmental sectors.

All of Broadview Village infection prevention and control practices are based on Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, and Public Health Agency of Canada.

Some of our IPAC measures include the following:

We appreciate your support for our decisions and the active plans we have in place to protect the health of the people we support and our staff.

Our Day Supports and Services

We have begun to gradually reopen.

Broadview Village Administrative offices and Residential Supports

Broadview Village Administrative offices and Residential Supports are closed to all non-essential visitors.  Essential visitors are defined as people who are necessary for the smooth operation of the location in question.  Examples include Broadview Village staff, agency staff, approved repair people, emergency personnel, professionals required to support the health, safety and security of the residents and anyone else approved by the Executive Director or designate.  All essential visitors must abide by all Broadview Village protocols in relation to our pandemic response including active screening and appropriate wearing of PPEs.

Scheduled Family Visits in our Residential settings

Currently, all visits are arranged by contacting the resident’s house.

Update Notice for Families, Friends, Staff and Advocates for the people we support

Latest Update

September 22, 2022

Dear Broadview Village Families, Friends and Advocates

It has been some time since my last update on all things Broadview, and for that I apologize.  Between vacation time (for myself and others), a bout of COVID that knocked me down for several weeks and a bad reaction to a spider bite (paralyzed my right arm), the summer has not been a great one for me personally.  In addition, I have been actively supporting another Ministry Unit in London Ontario who provide similar services as Broadview Village as their Executive Director.  Having said all of that, I am pleased to share that much of what has been happening at Broadview Village has been good.  Major renovations enhancing the safety of our pick-up-and-drop-off capacity have been completed, new recreational facilities have been completed – with more on the way – and day programs are beginning to open up.  Please review the details below and feel free to reach out to me directly with any further questions or comments.

Program Updates

Our day programs continue to gradually reopen with ever-increasing numbers of individuals attending in person programming.  Our CEPE program has been gradually reopening in our new location at 120 Tycos Dr in North York. While our virtual programs will continue, participants and staff are looking forward to in person learning and gradual return to pre-pandemic routines.

In the residential programs, we are continuing making plans for gradual returns to day activities and programs as well as the successful return to some day outings.  Our teams worked hard completing community risk assessments, and vacation planning forms for approval.  Residents were excited over the latter part of the summer to be planning day trips and spending more time outdoors.  We are all looking forward to being able to do even more in the future weeks and months ahead.

Lastly, we just completed three very successful “Summer Send-off” events for all residents/participants.  Fun games, good food and lots of fellowship was the order of the day for the three events.  I had the pleasure of attending all three and found that the opportunity to be present with people important to me in a way that has been quite scarce over these past 30 months was inspiring – and I look forward to more such opportunities as life evolves.

1132 Broadview Property Upgrades

On May 16th, the driveway and parking lot at our Main Campus location at 1132 Broadview underwent a major $500,000.00 reconfiguring and repaving project that lasted 5 weeks.  This has resulted in a safer environment including a designated pickup/drop-off and turnaround for Wheel Trans and taxis, clearly marked no parking zones and designated handicapped parking, some additional parking and a resolved drainage problem in front of House 3.  It was a long 5 weeks but the results have been well worth it.

On August 3rd, we celebrated the Grand Opening of the Jennifer Ing Memorial Wellness Quarters named after the late Jennifer Ing who was a long time resident of Broadview Village.  The Wellness Quarters is located in the former garage of Coach House which has been newly renovated and made possible through an Innovation Grant from The Salvation Army.  The Wellness Quarters is a real opportunity to improve the lives of everyone at Broadview Village with exercise equipment chosen with the help of an occupational therapist with the aim of keeping our population mobile as they age.

Construction of a gazebo has been completed for residents to enjoy while spending time outside. This is part of phase 1 of an Accessible Gardens project made possible through an Innovation Grant from The Salvation Army as well.

Vaccination Policy

In March, The Salvation Army reviewed their vaccination policy across the country to establish rules for Ministry Units going forward.  As a result of this review, the vaccination policy has been replaced by a policy that is driven by the “risk level” of the respective Ministry Unit within the current context.  As a result of this policy change there are various versions of restrictions and precautions in place for each particular Ministry Unit.

Here at Broadview Village, the populations we work with are deemed “high risk” and so the requirements for vaccination for new hires, PPE usage for all staff, Rapid Antigen Testing 3 x’s per week for all staff and frequent deep cleaning remain in place and will be in place for the foreseeable future.  We are maintaining these standards out of care and concern for our staff, our residents, participants, clients and families.

We continue to maintain a close partnership with Michael Garron Hospital and East Toronto Health Partners who have assisted with outbreak management, PCR testing, obtaining results, and new information on COVID-19.

Visitor Information Highlights

Visitor requirements are also continuing in order to ensure the highest possible safety measures are in place for all involved.  These include:

  • ❇︎ Require proof of vaccination (2 doses) – exceptions for Emergency Medical Services and those approved by the Executive Director
  • ❇︎ Must pass active screening
  • ❇︎ Must wear a medical procedure mask
  • ❇︎ All requests must be made 24 hours in advance
  • ❇︎ No eating or drinking during an indoor on-site visit


Organizational Challenges

As some of you may know, our biggest challenge at this point in time, like so many other agencies, is the recruitment of qualified staff.  We are currently 40+ staff down from our funded compliment and while we can make up some of this through the use of third-party agencies, the reality is that this is the largest limiting factor related to re-opening our day programs to full capacity and moving forward with services that would augment the existing suite of services and supports we provide.  And as I note above, in this challenge we are not alone.  Almost all partner agencies are having the same issues with recruitment and so have not re-opened their day programs completely either – while still others have chosen to not re-open day programs at all.  This results in people from our homes not going to their day programs with other agencies and therefore putting pressure on our residential resources to maintain them at home 24/7, etc..  This “domino effect” increases the strain on the system as a whole and perpetuates a very difficult situation that is only gradually improving.

Organizational Opportunities

Despite the challenges noted above, I remain optimistic that the coming months and years will be full of opportunities upon which we can build.  MCCSS continues to be a strong partner with Broadview Village and is looking to us to continue to build our services to support those in most need.  Most recently we have been working with several hospitals who have people with high behavioural needs as inpatients to begin planning by “bridging” these individuals to day programs. The plan would be to ultimately use the knowledge and relationship gained through this day program interaction to better inform the development of residential options.

I also want to thank the Ontario Government formally, publicly for making the $3 wage premium permanent.  This will enhance our recruitment efforts markedly and assist us in maintaining the excellent staff we already have.

In closing, I see the future as being a positive one.  We have suffered through the pandemic but have learned as well.  The advent of “virtual programming” has opened the door to many people who have difficulty attending a traditional day program, and has supported an increase in program supports, with no extra money being spent, for people who live at home.  The Government is allocating money to our sector to support many new people, and is showing itself as being open to new, innovative ideas.  In all, I feel that we are in for a bright future, and I look forward to being a part of it with all of you.

God Bless and take care.

Arthur (Art) W. Mathews

Executive Director

The Salvation Army – London Village and Broadview Village