Broadview Village – The Salvation Army

COVID-19 Updates

Pandemic Response Plan

Broadview Village has a rigorous pandemic response plan to reduce the risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19 based on the provincial guidance documents.

There is an Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Lead for the organization and an IPAC RN.

We have partnered with local hospitals and community health centres to foster clinical relationships, facilitate on-site testing, and dialogue regularly with others in the intersection of health and developmental sectors.

All of Broadview Village infection prevention and control practices are based on Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario, and Public Health Agency of Canada.

Some of our IPAC measures include the following:

We appreciate your support for our decisions and the active plans we have in place to protect the health of the people we support and our staff.

Our Day Supports and Services

As of October 18, 2021 our Day Supports and Services began to slowly and gradually re-opening.

Broadview Village Administrative offices and Residential Supports

Broadview Village Administrative offices and Residential Supports are closed to all non-essential visitors.  Essential visitors are defined as people who are necessary for the smooth operation of the location in question.  Examples include Broadview Village staff, agency staff, approved repair people, emergency personnel, professionals required to support the health, safety and security of the residents and anyone else approved by the Executive Director or designate.  All essential visitors must abide by all Broadview Village protocols in relation to our pandemic response including active screening and appropriate wearing of PPEs.

Scheduled Family Visits in our Residential settings

Effective Nov 24, 2021, those wishing to arrange a family visit with one of our Residents can do so by contacting the Resident’s home directly, you no longer need to contact the Visit Coordinator.  You are still required to schedule a visit 24 hours in advance.

Overnight visits are permitted for fully vaccinated Residents with fully vaccinated households.

Update Notice for Families, Friends, Staff and Advocates for the people we support

Latest Update

Oct 5, 2021

Dear Families, Friends, Advocates and Staff of Broadview Village,

I would like to update you with our most recent information but let me begin by thanking those Family members that attended our Family Zoom Webinar last Wednesday evening, I trust that you found the time helpful and informative. Your ongoing support and words of encouragement were very much appreciated, Thank you.

As situations continue to evolve, I want to assure you that we are continuing to take the health, welfare, safety, and security for everyone we support and employ seriously.

COVID-19 Update

COVID Case Count

• Total # of positive staff = 26; all cases resolved.
• Total # of positive residents = 10; all cases resolved.


• No sites with active outbreaks.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Broadview Village has had a total of four outbreaks all of which have occurred near the beginning of each wave of COVID-19 cases in Ontario. Nonetheless, as a result of the tremendous effort on the part of staff, residents, supported workers, families, and management in putting the infection prevention measures into daily practice, as well as our improved vaccination rates, we have responded with slowly loosening the restrictions of visitation but all within the parameters of applicable legislation.


On August 30, 2021, the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health issued instructions to service agencies under the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to establish a COVID-19 vaccination policy by September 23, 2021. This meant that all staff needed to declare their vaccination status, provide proof of vaccination or medical exemption, and complete an approved mandatory course on COVID-19 vaccination if the status was not fully vaccinated.

Since then, The Salvation Army has implemented the Mandatory Vaccination COVID-19 Policy for all workers that are working on-site that requires all workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 15, 2021. These actions are in response to the fourth wave of COVID-19 and also the overall proven effectiveness of vaccination against infection and severity of disease.

Vaccination Rates

• Total # of staff who have received first dose = 161/173 (93%)
• Total # of staff who have received second dose = 151/173 (87%)
• Total # of Residents who have received first dose = 75/77 (97%)
• Total # of Residents who have received second dose = 75/77 (97%)


The rules for on-site and off-site day visits remain the same, however…

NEW! Overnight visits are permitted for fully vaccinated Residents with fully vaccinated households!

• Broadview Village must have proof of vaccination for all household members who will be present during the overnight visit, even for visitors of the home.
• Maximum overnight stay is two nights and three days.
• Overnight visits must be booked with the House directly.
• A general itinerary will be requested to flag any further risks, e.g., staying at home, going to the theatre, dining out, shopping at mall, etc.
• During the Overnight Home Visit, if ANY individual in the household including the Resident develops symptoms, notify the home immediately; symptomatic individual and all close contacts must get tested at an assessment centre; and isolate.
• If a symptomatic individual (household member or Resident) tests positive, Broadview Village will be directed by Public Health on the best way and best location to isolate.
• When picking up your family member from the home, the staff person will review the requirements with you (see attachment).

Day Programs – Exciting News

Gradual Re-Opening scheduled for October 18th, 2021

We’re starting slow and we will be gradually re-introducing program participants. Individuals who have been fully vaccinated will start first in small cohorts attending part time with their cohort, and gradually increasing numbers of participants and days of the week.

P.L.U.S. Program, Partnership and Affirmative Business

We are in the process of recalling staff and establishing cohorts. We’ve also been engaging with our stakeholders, clients, and customers to renew service agreements and work contracts. Re-Opening plans include returning Machinery to Railside and servicing. We are adding a Saturday schedule initially, in order to meet work contracts and production timelines.

We have revised the training process and starting October 18th, 2021, two Cohorts will receive training in IPAC, health and safety, and then machinery and training on the workstations/production lines.

The Meals that Heal Programs and wellness checks will also continue and will be supported at times by the BSS team.


Naz Shaheed is returning to BVEP as Manager, and Kate has transitioning back to BVEP as Team Leader. They have been working hard at organizing and cleaning the space since the program was used as our Covid Hotel all this time. Day program instructors are being recalled slowly as Residential Programs continue to prioritize recruitment/recalls and ensuring adequate staffing as day program instructors return to BVEP. Participants who live at home with their families will start first and will be assigned to cohorts. Individuals will be scheduled 2-3 days a week to start, and we will gradually increase numbers of participants attending, and moving back to full time support. We continue to provide virtual programming and explore Saturday schedules for Fee for service or Respite.


At this time, The CEPE program will facilitate a modified Re-Opening until we have a physical space ready to receive our participants.

The CEPE staff will continue coordinating their very successful virtual programming for all participants. Wellness visits will also continue.

Small group get togethers will happen in the outdoors for now, starting with Individuals who have been fully vaccinated. They will be assigned to cohorts in order to participate in physical activities in the community – walks in the park, soccer skills games and small group sessions. Participants will be notified once we have our new confirmed address for the CEPE program – a place where we can safely move our small cohorts indoors.


We have been slowly recalling more supported employees and also working towards new work contracts and new intakes.


This is a very exciting time and we’re all looking forward to welcoming you back!!


Please take care, be safe and God Bless,

Art Mathews, Executive Director

Overnight Home Visit Requirements for Families

October 05, 2021

Effective October 05, 2021, Broadview Village will permit overnight home visits for fully vaccinated Residents with fully vaccinated families with the following requirements:

What is required if my loved one or any family member becomes symptomatic during the Overnight Home Visit?

1. Notify the home (Broadview Village) immediately.
2. Get tested.
3. Isolate while waiting for the result.

If the result is negative, please send the result to The Resident can return to the home and will be screened.

If the result is positive, please notify Miae Kim or the home (Broadview Village) right away. Keep the Resident at your home until further direction is received from Public Health.