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Day Supports for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Information for People Receiving Supports and Services, Families, Caregivers, and Advocates.

In response to the shifting routines in our community and world-wide prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a temporary suspension of some of our supports and a gradual reopening of others. Things may seem different in this moment, but our mission remains the same.

Our main concern at this time is to ensure that we continue to provide the best support possible for the people we serve, while continuing to follow directives from our Provincial Government and following guidelines set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Group enjoying Day Program

Day Program Services offers opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities and/or dual diagnosis to develop Social, Communication and Life Skills as well as engagement in our community.

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The Broadview Village Enrichment Program (BVEP) provides access to community participation supports for individuals with a developmental disability in a day program setting.

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As resources are available, and pending community needs/enrollment, BVEP offers Saturday programs as well as Summer Respite.

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Community Engagement & Pre-Employment (CEPE) Program serves individuals with developmental disabilities and those with co-existing mental health challenges who have higher learning needs. Often, these individuals are not work ready but would like to participate in their community and develop their social and life skills.


The Broadview Village Enrichment Program (BVEP)

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The Broadview Village Enrichment Program has two sites that provide access to community participation supports and Respite for families, in a day program setting. Our programs promote diversity, inclusion and equity through employee recruitment, person centered planning, and partnerships. BVEP embraces diversity and individuality - staff and participants strive to support one another by creating a safe and stimulating workplace that promotes personal growth and builds community in the workplace. Program Participants are supported to set personal goals through the ISP (Individual Support Plan) and Outcomes Star. The Program runs Monday -Friday, but also offers After Hours Respite and Summer Respite. This program is partially funded by MCCSS Government funding as well as revenues generated from the Fee for Service Program (a purchase of service option where Individuals may use their Passport Funding, ODSP, Respite or other appropriate funding to access services).

Arts and Crafts

Cup with scissors, brushes, on paper

Our craft projects encourage self expression. In addition, participants have an opportunity to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, and to work as a Team to complete projects.

Physical Fitness

Person lifting weights

Participants enjoy spending time in the gym where we play basketball, learn to relax with Yoga, play group games, practice cooperative games, and develop gross motor skills.


Treble clef with music notes

Learning theme songs, reciting poems and rhymes, playing musical instruments, dancing and karaoke are a big part of our program.

Life Skills

Buckets, bubbles, and a vacuum cleaner

Participants have opportunities to develop skills in cooking, budgeting, shopping and housekeeping. Our program also provides opportunities to develop skills in the areas of Communication, Community Safety, Personal Safety, Lifestyle Choices and Nutrition.


People reading books

Participants have opportunities to develop skills in reading and writing, computer literacy, science projects and math concepts.

Community Involvement

Person delivering vegetables

We believe in being involved, participating, and giving back to our Community. Twice a week, we deliver Meals on Wheels. Outings include trips to Variety Village, the Library, the Mall, and the Community Centre.

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Respite Supports

People standing around person in wheelchair

As resources are available, and pending community needs/enrollment, the Broadview Village Enrichment Program offers after hours respite and Summer Respite.

Community Engagement & Pre-Employment (CEPE) Program

Group of people in a garden

CEPE Program provides community participation supports (day activities) for adults with developmental disabilities and/or dual diagnosis challenges. These individuals are not work ready but want to be engaged in their community and develop pre-employment skills, social and life skills.

Our goals:
• to facilitate participating in the community by matching opportunities for employment and/or volunteer work
• to develop skills essential for independence
• to help people be engaged in their community

Life Skills and Social Skills Training

Participant working in garden

Life Skills and Social Skills Training: Participate in programs that teach social/life skills and apply it to daily life. Classes included: • Anger Solution • Bible Study • Budget • Healthy Living • Healthy Mind • Mind over Mood • Mindfulness • Stress Management • Gardening

Community Participation Support/Skills Training

Participant with knitting project

Provides educational programs to wholly participate in the community
• Art & Craft
• Computer 1, 2
• Signed English
• Volunteering at THS

Employment / Job Readiness

Group of participants sitting in classroom

The Pre-Employment Program is a 12-week program that focuses on developing soft-skills, interview skills, and resume building. Participants will partake in 12 modules, each focusing on a different skill and interaction to develop those skills. Upon completion of the program, ready participants may be referred to an employer for competitive work, if available. Staff will provide support from a hands-off perspective. (We make introduction, pay the participant, but do not work side by side with the individual). Once an individual is comfortable with work, and the employer is willing to hire the individual directly, they will graduate from the Pre-Employment Program. Individuals who still need to develop their soft skills can repeat the program.