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Day Supports for Adults with Mental Health Challenges and/or Dual Diagnosis

Information for People Receiving Supports and Services, Families, Caregivers, and Advocates.

In response to the shifting routines in our community and world-wide prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a temporary suspension of some of our supports and a gradual reopening of others. Things may seem different in this moment, but our mission remains the same.

Our main concern at this time is to ensure that we continue to provide the best support possible for the people we serve, while continuing to follow directives from our Provincial Government and following guidelines set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Transitional Employment Program (TEP)

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TEP is a vocational program for people coping with mental health challenges and /or concurrent disorders.

• Our Focus: to provide supported employees with work skills training and support, job coaching while performing real work for real wages. Staff shadow participants in their work, available to encourage participants, provide counselling and mental health first aid if needed, and liaise with customers when required. Our program promotes diversity, inclusion and equity through employee recruitment, person centered planning, and partnerships/working relationships.

• Our Goal: to encourage and empower the people we support in fulfilling meaningful contributions to society and to sustain good mental health and emotional wellbeing. Program Participants are supported to set personal goals through the ISP (Individual Support Plan) and Outcomes Star. Staff strive to support our participants in transitioning back into full competitive employment, developing a network of supports to be successful in their work, and sustain good mental health.

Linking People with Opportunities for Healing, Empowerment & Employment

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TEP has developed enduring community partnerships in order to provide opportunities for training, skill development and employment. TEP promotes a person-centered approach to support individuals back into the workforce.

How are we funded?

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The Transitional Employment Program is funded by the Ministry of Health and The Salvation Army (a registered charity). All proceeds generated from the services provided go directly to supporting our employees, linking them to potential permanent employers and providing Mental Health Awareness within our Community

People interested in joining TEP

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People interested in joining TEP are assessed, interviewed, and hired by The Salvation Army as employees. We provide ongoing support, job shadowing, counselling, training, and education to each of our employees/ program participants.

Need some work done?

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Talk to us about having a team of TEP staff fulfill your business needs

The Salvation Army TEP is sensitive to the needs of our customers. We are committed to partnering with you to deliver the highest standard of service.

The people we support have acquired expertise and proficiency in general labour jobs. As a company or an individual, you can contract with our program to have a team of our employees provide service to your home or place of business. Our employees have developed strong work ethics and are valuable assets to our partnering organizations.

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Job Coaches

Job Coaches are available to provide support, information and coaching to our customers in understanding Mental Health Challenges in the workplace. We strive for customer satisfaction.

TEP has a valid WSIB certificate and all our employees are covered under The Workplace Insurance Board.

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Services we offer:

We have an excellent team of dedicated employees who can provide you with services that are tailored to meet your specific needs.

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  • Office Cleaning
  • Custodian & Janitorial Work
  • Housekeeping
  • Landscaping & Gardening
  • Window Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Floor Buffing & Waxing
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pop & Snacks Vending
  • Vehicle Interior Detailing
  • Moving
  • Event Setup

People Learning Useful Skills (P.L.U.S.) Program

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The P.L.U.S. Program is a community-based program providing opportunities to develop social and life skills, vocational skills for people struggling with mental health challenges and/or concurrent disorders through various aspects of the Program.

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Individuals can join life skills groups (cooking, nutrition, gardening, arts), volunteer through the Meals that Heal Program (see description below), engage in vocational skill development through the P.L.U.S. Partnership (see description below), learning the skills required for competitive employment and when job ready, can be employed in the Affirmative Business (see description below) engaging in real work and earning real wages. The working environment and schedule is intentionally low stress and structured to assist participants in developing personal development. Staff provide a person-centered approach and encourage participants to develop an individualized support plan and Outcomes Star to develop personal goals.

Individual Counselling

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Each participant is teamed with a Counsellor who will assist in developing goals towards job readiness, employment and/or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Counsellors provide supportive and crisis counselling, advocacy and referral assistance where needed or requested.

Social / Recreation Groups

Activities include:  Music, Garden Club, Walking Club, Arts and Crafts

Social Skills and Life skills Groups

Sessions include Living with Diabetes, Budgeting, Mindfulness, Deep Breathing Techniques and Daily Stretches

Meals that Heal Program

Participants and service workers cooking

Participants prepare meals in an industrial kitchen for people at risk of homelessness. Participants receive training in safe food handling, nutrition, menu planning and meal preparation.

Vocational Opportunities

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Participants attending the P.L.U.S. Program will receive work opportunities, training and support so that they can explore job readiness and develop the skills needed to transition into competitive employment.

The P.L.U.S. Partnership

Participants of the P.L.U.S. Program who are not yet ready for competitive employment have the unique opportunity of joining the PLUS Partnership and signing the Partnership Agreement.  Partners of this agreement come together to make profits in business.  The P.L.U.S. Partnership is managed by an elected Steering Committee from its members.  The partners develop an understanding of managing a business.  Partners share the profits of the revenue generated from the services they provided to our Affirmative Business and other Valued Customers.

Transition to Competitive Employment

When participants of the P.L.U.S. Program have developed the skills needed for competitive employment, their Counsellor will make a referral for eligibility to the TEP Program, or recruitment in the Affirmative Business. 

Affirmative Business

Photo of Affirmative Business building

The Affirmative Business is a Packaging and Light Assembly Business that supports individuals who are transitioning from the P.L.U.S. Program and CEPE Program who are ready for competitive employment: Real Work for Real Pay.

Participant working on assembly line

Our goal is to encourage and empower the people we support towards meaningful contributions to society and to sustaining good mental health and emotional well-being.


Participant working

The Salvation Army is sensitive to the needs of our customers and we are committed to partnering with you to deliver the highest standard of service while helping you in reducing overhead service and manufacturing costs.

Partipant's hands with package

The Affirmative Business is committed to supplying cost effective and environmentally friendly packaging on time and on budget. We can solve packaging challenges and problems with innovative solutions. The Affirmative Business has been providing quality contract packaging at the right price and on time.

The Affirmative Business Specializes in:

Photo of shrink wrap machine
  • High Speed Shrink Wrapping

  • POP Display Assembly
  • Retail Promo Packs
  • Full Line Assembly
  • Mailings and Fulfilment
  • Repacking/Labeling

  • Heat Sealing

  • Bagging

  • Liquid Filling

Fast Delivery

Quality Service

Right Price