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Celebrate the Stars 2020

Celebrate the Stars

Star Trophy

Broadview Village takes pride in recognizing the dedication and contributions of its amazing staff. One of the ways we honor our staff is through our annual event, Celebrate The Stars. In 2020, Celebrate The Stars was an amazing virtual soiree, lead by a dedicated team with a mission to spread team spirit amid the pandemic.

The stories shared through the nomination process were a testimony to the important and impactful work that our staff do every day, as well as the clear caring and compassion each of them holds for the members of their teams.

Traditionally, Celebrate The Stars has been hosted in November. However, effective 2022 Celebrate The Stars will be moving to a spring celebration in the month of April. As such, please note that this year’s Celebrate The Stars will be deferred to April 2022. This change will allow us to recognize and celebrate our staff at a time that better aligns with our fiscal and planning processes. In addition, it is our hope that as the province advances through the roadmap to reopening Ontario, our next Celebrate The Stars event can be celebrated in-person among our wonderful staff.

Many thanks for your continued hard work and dedication.

Broadview Village Impact Awards

An exciting part of this event are the Broadview Village Impact Awards – A set of individual awards based upon our Salvation Army values, along with our own “Servant Leadership” model, based upon nominations by you, their teammates.


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Winner 2020

Sam Mirza

The Hope Impact Award is intended to recognize a front-line staff member who has inspired a participant or resident they support to learn new skills, develop new relationships/activities in the community and/or to become more independent.


Winner 2020

Choongdae Jeong
Agnes Adeoye

The Service Impact Award is given in recognition of an individual front-line staff member who goes above-and-beyond in providing service/support to a participant/resident, their teammates and/or Broadview Village as a whole through their day-to-day work as well as their positive work relationships and leadership within the team.


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Winner 2020

Sheena Harris

The Dignity Impact Award is given in recognition of the front-line staff member who diligently works to ensure that the rights and personal dignity of the individuals we support are maintained and are always in our minds as we work. This award further recognizes an individual with a track record of contributing to strong team morale by consistently treating their teammates with respect as professionals.


wourd: Stewardship is heart work

Winner 2020

Bill Hackenbrook

The Stewardship Impact Award is given in recognition of the staff member who emphasizes on an ongoing basis a commitment to using the resources we have available (money, community resources, physical, time, ecological, etc.) in a manner that ensures that as an organization we provide the best service in the most efficient way possible.

Servant Leadership

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Winner 2020

Adam Jefford

 The Servant Leadership Impact Award is given in recognition of the management staff who illustrates and emphasizes the core principles of the servant leadership model at Broadview Village.

And our very special 6th category:

The Holy Doodle Award


Winner 2020

Miae Kim
Director of Quality and Risk and Education

The Holy Doodle Award is a bit of fun mixed in with a bit of Serious.  It is awarded to the Senior Leader who has made us all Say “Holy Doodle!” 

Miae was busy before with the implementation of the eMar system, but things went full swing when COVID-19 hit.  Miae has been constantly watching updates and implement strategies that have helped keep us safe.  On top of that she continues to support the Broadview Staff as many of our residents have ben dealing with medical issue during this time as well.  HOLY DOODLE! 😉

Special acknowledgement goes to all who were nominated:

Agnes Adoeye

Evelyn Alanamu

Irene Atimango

Mimoza Bregu

Roberta Caputo 

Bill Hackenbrook

Shenna Harris

Tracie Harvey

Karen Rose-Hosang

Adam Jefford

Choogdae Jeong

Mark Madison

Katherine Matthews

Sam Mirza

Daniel Pellett 

Katie Standish

Gillian Valladares

Michele Walsh